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Humana Catastrophic Plan

Humana, also known as HumanaOne is among the largest health insurance companies nationwide and is quickly becoming one of the market leaders for Virginia individual and family health insurance. With a portfolio of plans for every need and a growing physician network, Humana will be a market force for years to come.

Everyone has different needs when determining the health plan that's right for them. Humana offers a range of options so you can secure the coverage that's right for you. These new plans feature more comprehensive benefits than before and include a range of deductible and network options to suit everyone's budgets. Preventative care is fully covered under each plan when you visit an in-network doctor - includes services such as immunizations, PSA screenings, Mammograms, and well-child care.

Humana offers plans off the health insurance exchanges only - subsidies cannot be applied to these plans.

The catastrophic plan features a PPO network to go with a range of benefit structures including preventative care.  Children's dental and vision coverage is included in the catastrophic plan. Only one plan option is offered for this level. Below is a general overview of the benefits under each plan:


Humana National Preferred Basic 6350/6350 with Children's Dental

 Click here to download a copy of Humana's Preferred Basic 6350/6350 plan brochure

Network Type - PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)
Deductible   Out-of-Pocket Limit   Coinsurance  Preventative Care   Doctor Office Visits 
Individual Family  Individual Family
$6,350 $12,700 $6,350 $12,700 0% after deductible Fully covered - in-network

Primary Care Physician - $25 Copay for first 3 visits, then 0% after deductible*

Specialist - 0% after deductible

Prescription Drug Coverage
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
0% after deductible 0% after deductible 0% after deductible 0% after deductible

*If you visit an in-network doctor and they're apart of the Concentra group, you can save extra money on your copays.  Copays for visits to Concentra doctors are $25 - they are $35 for non-Concentra in-network physicians.


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