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Anthem Virginia CoreShare Health Insurance Core Share BCBS is an independent broker for Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Virginia.  Our Anthem agent ID code is A00597-0385.  Anthem recently introduced several new plans at a much lower price point than some of their older plans, while still offering the comprehensive benefits their members need and improving upon several key benefits.  The new plans include additional deductible options to suit everyone’s budget, upgraded prescription benefits, and no charge for preventative care.  Anthem CoreShare (or Core Share)is the most affordable of the new offerings and includes the following benefits:

– Choice of $750, $1500, $2500, $3500, $5000, $7500, $10,000, $15,000, and $25,000 deductibles.  50% co-insurance after deductible for all deductibles under $10,000.  0% co-insurance for $10,000 and up deductibles.  One deductible per person, maximum of two per family.

Office Visits
– Subject to Deductible and co-insurance.

Lifetime Maximum
- Unlimited

Preventative Care
  No charge when using in-network physicians

Prescription Drugs
– Brand name and generic both covered, unlimited benefit.  Requires $15 or 50% co-insurance, whichever is greater.  As an example, a $100 prescription would have a $50 co-payment and a $200 prescription would have a $100 co-payment.  No coverage for prescriptions that are not on Anthem's formulary.  $1,000 annual deductible per person for brand name and specialty drugs.

Professional & Diagnostic Services
– 50% or 0% co-insurance after deductible (depending on deductible chosen).  These include but are not limited to x-rays, lab work, anesthesia, surgeon, etc.

Inpatient Services
– $750 inpatient facility fee co-pay required (even if maximum out of pocket is met).  Then 50% or 0% co-insurance after deductible.  Overnight hospital or facility stays.  

Outpatient Services
– $200 outpatient facility fee co-pay required (even if maximum out of pocket is met).  Then 50% or 0% co-insurance after deductible.  Services without overnight stays.

Emergency Room Services
– 50% or 0% co-insurance after deductible

– Not covered.  If you need a maternity benefit, please consider Anthem Premier or Anthem Lumenos HSA Plus.

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